Pilates has become a favorite of many fitness enthusiasts in recent years. While some think of Pilates as a workout which can help them tone and shape up their body, its key benefit is more on the spiritual aspect. This is one of the reasons why it is impossible to perform the moves unless you are focused and breathing properly.

Nonetheless, Pilates can also benefit your body in many different ways. It helps calm the mind while boosting your self esteem as you work on your posture and feel more in control of your body. According to my favorite hair stylist in Newport Beach, here are the other health benefits of Pilates.

Increase Your Body Awareness

When doing Pilates, you become more aware of your body – whether you are doing simple tasks such as brushing your teeth, cooking or using your laptop. Over time, your body awareness becomes increased so that you will pull your stomach in and pull your shoulders down to feel more calm and relaxed. It is, in a way, practicing willpower as you train your mind to be in symmetry with your body.

Strengthen Your Muscles

Because there is no way to actually lengthen your muscles through physical exercise, there is no guarantee that Pilates will make you look longer and leaner. However, Pilates can help prevent muscles from getting too big as you stretch your muscles before contracting it. In contrast, lifting weights will make you use your muscles against resistance to build it. If you are trying to look lean, it would be best to do Pilates with other cardio activities.

Low-Intensity Calorie Burn

It is not a calorie-buster unlike other workouts such as running or cycling. Nonetheless, a 1 hour Pilates class will burn up to 144 calories. This makes it a good workout choice for low intensity days. You may want to do Pilates on some days while cardio on other to get in shape.

These are only some of the health benefits of Pilates. It is low intensity but it requires total mind and body concentration. You will also need to focus on precise movement and coordination. There are different levels and positions of Pilates which need concentration, control and core strength to be able to do it properly. You will need to teach your body how to connect your upper and lower body for it to be in sync. Imagery is also needed to ensure proper form. As you stand tall and lifted during each movement, try to imagine a straw that is going through that center of your body. It is also a good idea to use core control rather than momentum to perform the moves correctly.

There are many gyms that offer Pilates classes today. You may want to look around and sign up for classes in your area so that you can regularly go to classes after work or during your free days. It is also a good workout if you want to de-stress as you get to work on calming your mind and body.

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We live in an era where everyone is being admonished to workout and get out there to remain fit while shedding as much weight as possible. We are also asked not to live sedentary lifestyles that could be detrimental to our health in more than one way. Also, those who are aging fast and perhaps over fifty are always asked to work out and find proper exercises that will help aid in lowering some serious conditions, such as weight gain that result in cardiovascular problems, diabetes, high blood pressure and lower back pain that ends up in serious injury.

The last thing you do not want is to have your life affected and your lower back seriously injured. You really want to work hard to meet the needs of your family and to enjoy your life with a lot of happiness even in old age.

Know The Type Of Back Pain

For those who have always suffered from back pain and lots of yoga problems, surgery to seeking lots of treatments, the best bet you have is engaging in as much exercise as you can, especially those made specifically for your lower back. However, it does not mean all back pains can be handled with all types of exercises. The best thing is to understand the kind of back pain affecting you. Know if the pain is on the upper or lower back and whether it is a result of deterioration or injury, herniated disc or just a muscle pull. Prior to starting any form of exercise program, more so any that affects the back, the important thing is to talk and check with the physician.

Not All Exercises Are Good

It is of paramount importance to know not all the exercises out there are beneficial to your condition and might end up doing you a lot of harm more than any good. In case the reason you are trying some form of exercises is because another individual has tried and succeeded, you might want to halt since they might not work for your back. If exercises are going to help your case, ensure they are designed specifically to meet your various needs and provided by professionals who are trained. Nonetheless, a number of general methods and exercises can be attempted.


Through some steady yet slow stretching, you can bring some much needed relief to your back pain. However, not all types of stretching are healthy and talking to a physical therapist or doctor could let you know the ones to try. An Orange County Taekwondo studio has many classes designed for stretching.


It is very important to engage in walking activities and it is one of those anyone out there can engage in. Buy some good walking shoes fit for a specific sport, general walking or simply safe during running or walking and a leveled location to start your healthy walks. Always walk with the shoulders held back and head up. You can begin slowly as you increase the pace while loosening up.


Swimming is a wonderful exercise since the water ensures the weight is not on your back as you get to make the most of your muscles. Ensure you are using strokes and taking it easy, especially on activities that do not require lots of body twists and recommended by orthopedic doctor’s.

All of these can help reduce why there are many unhealthy children.

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Physical benefits of Yoga

Yoga is one thing that would make your body look good if you do it consistently.  Yoga can actually help build lean muscle and define tone existing muscle.  You are going to have a gorgeous looking body that is good enough to attract a bunch of modeling gigs.  Yoga won’t make it too toned because your friends would feel too jealous if you look too hot to handle.  Yoga can also help with balance issues as there are a lot of people who are having difficulties with that.  Yoga can also make you have a good looking bootie.  When you wear yoga pants, you are certainly going to have a lot of members of the opposite sex stare in awe at your bootie. 

Yoga can also give you tight abs so you can now move around town wearing a low cut dress or tank top and show your tummy around.  It will now make your abs as one of your best assets as if it is not yet already.  When you look in the mirror, you would certainly have a lot of reasons to adore yourself.  There is nothing like having a good looking body since we all have one body so we must take good care of it.  Yoga is one way to make it last long because it is good exercise and tones the muscles.

Yoga is one thing that pregnant women can actually do unlike what some people may think.  Pregnant women are usually banned from any type of physical activity but yoga is not a strenuous activity so it is really recommended for them.  Yoga can also eliminate the arm flaps in your body so you can be confident every time you wave goodbye to somebody.  It would certainly feel embarrassing if you got a lot of fat in your arms that it would show up every time you wave.  The person you waved to would certainly have something to laugh about.

Yoga is going to give you tight looking legs once you get used to doing it consistently which means at least 3-4 times a week.  There is no doubt you are going to have a bikini body once you do yoga more often.  There is nothing like having a body you can be proud of as you won’t be afraid of wearing revealing two piece bikinis unlike some women who have to go swimming wearing a t-shirt.  It would not look good at all to do that as it is better to be in a swimsuit.  The reason some women do that is they want to hide all their hideous looking bodies.

Yoga is one thing that would make the pain go away.  It is normal for old people to feel a lot of pain in their bodies despite moving just a little.  Yoga is something that would increase your endurance and that is something that will make you feel energized to do some exercise.  It is a lot better than an energy drink because that wears off.

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